Lester Holt Caught In Massive Lie After RIGGING Debate

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Yesterday, we reported that Lester Holt had been exposed as a liar hours after he effectively rigged Monday night’s debate for Hillary Clinton by repeatedly berating Donald Trump. Now, he has been caught in yet another lie that proves what an awful moderator he really was…

One of the many lies Holt told during the debate involved the “stop and frisk” program in New York that Trump wants to implement in some areas across the country. Though it has brought down crime significantly in New York City, Holt falsely claimed that everyone agrees it was unconstitutional. 

According to Young Conservatives, it was not in fact unconstitutional, and at the very least there was some grey area. Even liberal Alan Dershowitz, a proud Clinton supporter, understood that.

Here’s an exchange in which Dershowitz was asked by host Larry O’Connor if “stop and frisk” was unconstitutional and a form of racial profiling:

DERSHOWITZ: There was a district court judge, Shira Scheindlin, who ruled that the NY stop and frisk, as applied, was unconstitutional. she wrote a hundred and some odd opinion, but it didn’t get to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court last word on it was a case called Terry v. Ohio many many many many years ago and the Supreme Court held under certain circumstances at least stop and frisk can be constitutional

Look, the interesting thing is how it’s applied. In Massachusetts it was applied in a very effective way with the cooperation of some of the leaders of the African American community and it really helped to disarm gang members in parts of the city where the crime rate was very high. But, if it’s used just as a form of racial profiling then it’s done in a way that probably raises constitutional questions.

But, it’s much more subtle and much more complex and a hard issue to raise in the context of a 2-minute answer in a debate.

O’CONNOR: Probably would have been best for Lester Holt to not wade into “fact checking” on that area…

DERSHOWITZ:  I think you don’t fact check in your question, you fact check after the answer is given, and I think he made a controversial sub-statement which then, Donald Trump responded to, factually, and they both had some truth on their side.

Clearly, Lester Holt should have checked his facts more before he opened his big mouth…

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