BREAKING: Lester Holt Caught Using An EARPIECE During Debate

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Millions of patriots were outraged on Monday night when it quickly became clear that moderator Lester Holt had rigged the first presidential debate in Hillary Clinton’s favor. Now, video footage has emerged that proves Holt broke the rules of the debate in a big way.

According to Truthfeed, a video has just leaked showing that Holt wore an earpiece during the debate. This violates the rules of the Federal Election Commission, which specifically ruled that earpieces are NOT allowed for debate moderators.

This came after Holt was exposed as a liar in one of the most contentious exchanges of the debate when he accused Trump of supporting the Iraq War when the United States began it. Though Trump denied these claims, Holt alleged that the GOP presidential nominee did indeed express support for the war in an interview with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto.

Immediately after the debate, Cavuto shot Holt down once and for all by airing the interview in question, and it was immediately clear that Trump did indeed have his reservations about the war.

“You know, what happened to the days of Douglas MacArthur? I mean he would go in and attack. He wouldn’t talk. I mean we have to, you know, it’s sort of like either do it or don’t do it,” Trump said, according to Conservative Tribune.

“Well, he’s (Bush) either got to do something or not do something perhaps. Because perhaps he shouldn’t be doing it yet. Perhaps we should be waiting for the United Nations. You know, he’s under a lot of pressure,” Trump added, clearly unsure if invading Iraq was the right choice.

You can watch the full interview here:

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