You Won’t Believe Who Fox News Just Hired…

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Fox’s affiliate in Denver raised some serious eyebrows this week when they hired a man who may have had a role in helping to hide Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Western Journalism reported that KDVR-TV has hired Andy Boian, the CEO of a crisis-management firm called Dovetail Solutions, as an on-air reporter. Boian’s company represented Platte River Networks, the internet technology firm that managed Clinton’s State Department server beginning Aug. 12, 2013.

Boian has previously tried to explain away Platte River’s role.

“The job of an IT company in the capacity of Platte River is to literally manage and protect that data,” he said in August of 2015. “We don’t look at the data.”

Boian also denied that Platte River had any knowledge of classified information on Clinton’s server, saying the company’s only job is to protect its client’s data.

“We manage and protect it based on what our clients want, and that’s what we did here,” he said.

Boian has also denied claims that the email server was stored in a bathroom closet in Platte River’s Denver loft.

“I have no knowledge of any server being in any bathroom at any time ever,” he said. “And that statement that it was, I don’t know where it came from, but it’s erroneous.”

He has deep ties to the Clintons, as he served on Bill Clinton’s presidential transition team in 1998 and writing speeches for him. Boian’s claims that he had no knowledge of what was on Clinton’s email server directly contradicts recent FBI document dumps about the case.

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