BREAKING: Host Of First Debate Caught Doing Something That PROVES It Was Rigged

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Millions of Americans were furious on Monday night when it quickly became clear that the first presidential debate had been rigged for Hillary Clinton to beat Donald Trump. Now, something has leaked about the network behind the debate that proves Trump has been right in asserting that the mainstream media has rigged this election against him.

According to The Daily Caller, NBC’s parent company Comcast donated a whopping $5.6 million to the Democratic Party during its convention in Philadelphia before NBC provided Lester Holt as Monday night’s debate moderator. This was confirmed when the Democratic Party released a list of donors immediately before the debate.

The 1,098 pages of receipts and disbursements have confirmed that the multi-million dollar donation was given to the “Philadelphia 2016 Host Committee” which was “supporting a nominating convention.” Other donors included on the list were AT&T ($1.5 million); Microsoft ($650,000); and Google ($500,000).

A supplementary report was released at the same time revealing that Comcast Corporation donated goods and services, like “data/network, voice, security, TV, space, equipment, and labor” from “March 2016 through October 2016.”

The Democratic Party released this list the Friday afternoon before the presidential debate so that as few people would see it as possible. This shows once again that this election really is rigged against Trump by the mainstream media.

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