Whoopi Goldberg CHALLENGES Donald Trump – INSTANTLY Regrets It

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When Donald Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway appeared on The View this week, liberal nitwit Whoopi Goldberg decided to try and make her look bad on live television. Unfortunately for Whoopi, however, all she accomplished was making herself look like an idiot.

According to GOP The Daily Dose, Whoopi quickly began pressing Conway on the issue of Trump’s tax returns.

“Where are his damn tax returns? And why don’t we know what he spent? Where is it?” Whoopi barked, claiming that Clinton has been more transparent than Trump, an assertion that shows just how little the liberal host knows about this election.

Conway let Whoopi know that she was wrong about Clinton’s transparency, saying she wants to know what the Democratic presidential nominee “was hiding in the 30,000 emails she deleted.”

“What is Donald Trump hiding by not releasing that information?” Whoopi continued, moving the conversation back to Trump.

“So there is a 140-page financial disclosure form you can access,” Conway replied.

“I want to know, since every other president has had to do it, where are the tax returns?” Whoopi fired back. “That’s what I want to know.”

Conway stayed calm, explaining that Trump is “under audit” and that it would be an unwise legal decision for him to release the reports before the Internal Revenue Service has finished reviewing them.

“That’s bull! It’s bull!” Whoopi erupted. “What is he hiding? What is he hiding? What is he hiding?”

“He’s not hiding anything,” Conway insisted.

“I think he is,” Whoopi said.

This ridiculous exchange ended up accomplished nothing for Whoopi except making her look like an ignorant fool. SHARE is you think Whoopi Goldberg should be FIRED from The View!

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