Liberals Try To BAN Conservative Media From Covering Election

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In a clear shot at Fox News and other conservative media outlets, the Federal Elections Commission is trying to ban media outlets with any foreign ownership from covering presidential elections and from giving any endorsements.

The Federalist Papers reported that a top Democrat on the group’s board proposed that they start prohibiting companies with foreign ownership as small as 5 percent from “funding expenditures, independent expenditures, or electioneering communications.” If this plan is approved, it would cover both Fox News and the Wall Street Journal. The New York Times would be collateral damage in this as well.

“Given everything we have learned this year, it blinks reality to suggest that that there is no risk of foreign nationals taking advantage of current loopholes to intercede invisibly in American elections,” said Democratic Commissioner Ellen Weintraub in her submission. “This is a risk no member of the Federal Election Commission should be willing to tolerate.”

Weintraub’s proposal would ban any entity that has more than 5 percent foreign ownership from advocating for a candidate’s election or defeat. One analysis suggests that it would ban these entities from even mentioning Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton’s names.

“I am prepared to move that we address through rulemaking five discrete topics relating to foreign-national political spending and corporations: 1. Percentage of foreign ownership: 2. Board membership of corporation: 3. Foreign government ownership: 4. Type of corporation: and 5. Implementation measures,” she wrote.

Politically active companies like Ben & Jerry’s would also be prohibited from being involved in the election under this plan. Though plans banning foreign influence on U.S. election have been discussed for a long time, including foreign-owned media would throttle the First Amendment in unprecedented ways.

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