BREAKING: Hillary In Hot Water After Staffers Are Caught Doing THIS On Camera

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Election day is just a few short weeks away, and Hillary Clinton is becoming increasingly desperate to beat Donald Trump. That’s why she went into panic mode today when footage leaked of her staffers doing something truly pathetic to make it look like she has more supporters than she does.

According to Mad World News, Clinton staffers were spotted at her event in Akron, Ohio on Monday handing out handmade-looking signs to supporters to make it look like people cared enough to bring them.

Only a measly 200 people showed up to the event, and almost none of them cared enough to make signs to bring. That’s why Clinton’s staffers stepped in to manipulate the situation and try to make the Democratic presidential nominee appear more beloved.

If Donald Trump’s staffers were caught doing something like this, it would be all over the mainstream media. However, since it was Clinton, the liberal media has refused to report on it.

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