BREAKING: Teamsters Union Makes MASSIVE Announcement About Trump – Revolution Is COMING

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The Teamster Union, which is one of the largest and most influential worker’s unions, has always been extremely loyal to the Democratic Party during election time. That’s why it came as a major surprise this year when the Teamsters have refused to endorse either candidate.

Now, new reports are coming in that many leaders in the union are leaning towards voting for Donald Trump. With 1.4 million active members located in Canada and the United States, the support of the Teamsters could be enough to swing the election in Trump’s favor.

One member of the union who is leaning towards voting for Trump is Antonio Caraccilio, who has created a Facebook page called “Teamsters United For Donald J. Trump.” He created the page so that he and his fellow Teamsters could have a place to discuss their support of the GOP presidential nominee.

“We all like Trump,” Caraccilio told reporters, adding that many Teamster members do not support Clinton after the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal.

“We went out and we went against those trade agreements. We need to stop the free trade because it’s hurting our country,” he explained. “Basically, this is why Trump is more appealing to me, close the borders … work on the currency manipulation and the trade deficits.”

Caraccilio also expressed fears that Americans will lose job in a Clinton presidency because of companies moving to different regions.

“Hilary Clinton talks about jobs, but the trade agreements caused Ford to be able to move to Mexico,” he said.

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