Hillary PANICKING After Video Of Gurney Being Wheeled Backstage Goes VIRAL

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Hillary Clinton was hoping that she’d finally put rumors about her health woes to rest in the last few weeks. However, she turned out to be dead wrong when video emerged today of a hospital gurney being wheeled backstage at an event of hers in Akron, Ohio on Monday.

Infowars reporter Millie Weaver released the footage of the hospital bed being moved as supporters waited for Clinton to appear. Minutes later, a clearly-nervous Clinton staffer is seen taking photos of Weaver and her cameraman.

Later in the video, a very stressed-looking EMT worker exits the backstage area. Clinton’s security staff also appears to be stressed before the Democratic presidential nominee finally appears.

“They’re trying to get a feel for the crowd to see if the crowd is getting upset or impatient,” Weaver said.

This footage came hours after Clinton was caught popping a lozenge during an event in Toledo, suggesting her coughing problems have not gone away.

Clearly, this woman is hiding a massive secret about her health. If she isn’t healthy enough to effectively run for president, she DEFINITELY isn’t health enough to BE president!

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