BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Has SEIZURE On Camera

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Hillary Clinton once again raised questions about her health on Wednesday when she had another bizarre, seizure-like moment while taking a question from a reporter.

According to Infowars, Clinton’s head was seen jerking back and forth in an unnatural motion while reporters questioned her.

While taking questions about her running mate Tim Kaine’s debate, Clinton’s appeared to have a small spasm. This is not the first time Clinton has had a seizure-like moment on camera. In the video above this story, you’ll see many other instances when Clinton had odd spasms such as this.

American Mirror reported that this video is more proof that Clinton is suffering from early onset Parkinson’s, as many medical experts have speculated. Symptoms of Parkinson’s include “stiff muscles, difficulty with bodily movements, involuntary movements, muscle rigidity, problems with coordination,” and “rhythmic muscle contractions.”

Do you think Clinton is hiding a serious neurological disease from the American people? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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