BREAKING: The Results From The VP Debate Are In – Hillary Furious

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When Hillary Clinton chose Senator Tim Kaine to be her running mate, she said she did so because he is “strong,” “likable,” and “even-keeled.” She even predicted that he would “own” the vice-presidential debate against Donald Trump’s running mate, Governor Mike Pence.

Unfortunately for Clinton, however, she turned out to be dead wrong.

Top Right News reported that when top pollster Frank Luntz polled 27 people immediately after the debate on Tuesday night, the vast majority of them said Pence destroyed Kaine. The group claimed to this conclusion despite the fact that most of them were both female and Democrat.

Luntz, who is extremely anti-Trump, revealed his group’s reactions to Kaine and Pence in real-time on Twitter. It quickly became clear that the group was put off by Kaine’s frequent interruptions and nasty one-liners.

When it came to national security and terrorism, the night was a DISASTER for Kaine.

The final verdict was NOT good for Kaine and Clinton.

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