BREAKING: Active Shooter On The Loose In Texas – Locks Victims In House As It BURNS

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Police were called to a home in Fort Worth, Texas at around 11am this morning after reports came in that an active shooter was on the loose.

CBS Local reported that police quickly found themselves in a standoff with the suspect, who barricaded himself in the home with an unknown number of hostages. He then set fire to the home, which is located in a wooded area and surrounded by tall trees and thick brush.

Thick smoke was seen rising from the building as heavy flames shot out of the home. Later on, a man was seen in handcuffs, but it is not known if he was the shooter.

Firefighters eventually got the situation under control, but all that remained by the end was the charred skeleton of the home. It is not known if police were able to save the victims trapped inside, and little information is available at this time.

We will update you further as this story develops.

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