Here’s The Damning Hillary Health Video That The Media Is Trying To Hide

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Donald Trump has been claiming for months that the mainstream media has rigged this election in Hillary Clinton’s favor against him. Unfortunately, this was confirmed this week when NBC News was caught trying to hide Clinton’s latest health problems from one of their reports.

Mad World News reported that a new video offers frame-by-frame analysis of a video aired by NBC that shows the network fixed the footage to cover-up another of Hillary’s strange eye episodes.

Clinton recently answered a few questions from handpicked reporters on her private plane. While talking to the media, it looks like Clinton was “triggered” into a brief neurological reaction by a sudden collective outburst from the media and a simultaneous flickering of the plane’s interior cabin lights.

Clinton can be seen dropping her chin and freezing with an odd smile on her face as her head bobs slightly. She managed to recover and regain focus a few seconds later, but it was at that moment that a “reflective flash” was seen in one of her eyes.


Initially, this was believed to be a medical lens of some sort catching the light, but high tech video analysis makes it clear that the anomaly was in no way a reflection of light. Instead, it was clearly a mistake in editing.

Given Clinton’s freeze before the edit and the “flash” in her eye, it’s obvious that NBC made the edit in order to hide that her eye, once again, had some sort of neurological glitch.

The video above this story is narrated by Dr. Ted Noel, who explains exactly how the editing trick happened. Skip to the 2:30 mark to see the actual analysis of the editing.

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