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A disturbing piece of audio footage has just leaked showing what Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton really has planned for the Second Amendment, and it isn’t good…

According to The Gateway Pundit, the footage shows Clinton telling her big donors at a New York fundraiser last week that “we’ve got to go after” the Supreme Court on the Second Amendment. She slammed the Supreme Court as “wrong on the Second Amendment” and said the assault weapons ban should be reinstated.

This marks the first time since she began her presidential campaign that Clinton has said she would take on the Supreme Court over gun issues. Though she did not specifically say which Supreme Court case she disagreed with, she appeared to have been talking about the landmark 2008 ruling in District of Columbia v. Heller, which found the handgun ban in Washington, D.C., unconstitutional.

“I was proud when my husband took [the National Rifle Association] on, and we were able to ban assault weapons, but he had to put a sunset on so 10 years later. Of course [President George W.] Bush wouldn’t agree to reinstate them,” said Clinton.

“We’ve got to go after this,” Clinton continued. “And here again, the Supreme Court is wrong on the Second Amendment. And I am going to make that case every chance I get.”

Here’s the full audio clip:

This is yet another reason why we can NOT let Hillary Clinton get anywhere near the White House. SHARE this story if you stand with the Second Amendment!

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