BREAKING: Fans Call For Fox News’ Shep Smith To Be FIRED After He Does THIS On Camera

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Fox News host Shep Smith has found himself in hot water after he offered a dire warning to his viewers hours before Hurricane Matthew hit Florida.

“This moves 20 miles to the west, and you and everyone you know are dead,” Smith said, according to Daily Mail. “All of you. Because you can’t survive it. It’s not possible, unless you are very, very lucky. And your kids die too.”

The 52 year-old Fox News host went on to say that should listen to the warnings and evacuate to make things easier for emergency service crews.

“You must evacuate it’s a rule, but not everyone is listening because ‘freedom’ and stuff,” he said. “Freedom – tell that to the one who has to come dig you out… you love law enforcement until all of a sudden you put them in jeopardy, think about it.”

While some applauded Smith for his warning, others said he took things too far.


This isn’t the first time Fox News fans have turned on Smith. A few weeks ago, they were outraged when Smith said that voter ID laws are discriminatory and are “designed” by Republican states to discourage minorities from voting.

According to Western Journalism, Smith made the comment while discussing the U.S. Supreme Court’s 4-4 decision not to reinstate provisions of North Carolina’s voter ID law during his afternoon program. This split decision meant the lower court’s ruling to throw out the law would stand, so for the first time, voters in North Carolina will not have to prove their identity come November.

During the segment, Smith claimed that asking citizens to show identification is discriminatory.

“North Carolina had put in one of those ‘You have to show an ID’ rules, which so often in Republican states are designed to keep some minorities from coming out and being able to vote, and they tried to reduce the number of voting days,” Smith said. “The U.S. Supreme Court says that will not happen. Those rules will not go into effect in North Carolina this cycle.”

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