SHOCKING DISCOVERY About Next Debate – This Changes Everything…

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Millions of patriots were furious last week when Lester Holt blatantly rigged the first presidential debate for Hillary Clinton to beat Donald Trump. The second presidential debate is set to take place this Sunday, and what was just revealed about the moderators suggests this one might be even worse for Trump than the last…

Inforwars reported that TWO liberal moderators, CNN’s Anderson Cooper and ABC’s Martha Raddatz, will be presiding over the debate.

Cooper has made no secret of the fact that he is a proud Clinton supporter. Just days ago, he ran a whole segment devoted to attacking Trump over tweets he sent out regarding Hillary poster child Alicia Machado having a sordid past and having appeared in a sex tape.

“Is it presidential?” Cooper asked Trump surrogate Jeff Lord, questioning if the tweets were “worthy of the office of president” and “worthy of somebody who would occupy the White House.”

“Porn is popular. Maybe he’s tapping into the porn electorate. I get it. Maybe that is his brilliance,” Cooper sardonically suggested.

Cooper has often made derogatory comments about Republicans, calling them “teabaggers,” and quipping “It’s hard to talk when you’re teabagging.”

Cooper often shuts down guests who dare to bring up Clinton’s scandals and the charges that she is an ‘enabler’, even though CNN has previously covered the issue.

Most damning of all is the fact that Cooper is listed as a “notable past member” of the Clinton Global Initiative’s website along with a number of other big name journalists who were not required to pay the $20,000 membership fee.

“In a nutshell, Anderson Cooper helped Hillary Clinton raise money, and now he’s presented as an impartial moderator for tonight’s debate,” the Weekly Standard  reported.

Raddatz is no better, as she has called Clinton “glamorous,” “trendy,” and “cool.” After the last debate, Raddatz spoke out to slam Trump for the answers he gave.

“We had no idea what he was talking about in the end, whether he wanted first use or whether he didn’t want any first use. Maybe that next debate. We’ll see,” Raddatz stated.

It’s disturbingly clear that these two hosts aren’t even close to impartial, and that this debate will be rigged against Trump even more than the last one was. SHARE this story if you think Cooper and Raddatz should be FIRED!


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