TRUMP MAY TO DROP OUT – Here’s His Replacement…

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Donald Trump is in hot water after lewd footage was leaked of him saying sexual things about another woman just months after he married his wife Melania.

In the wake of what is clearly his worst scandal to-date, the RNC is meeting about forcing Trump to step down as the GOP nominee.

The Guardian reported:

The Guardian confirmed with multiple sources that a meeting of the Republican National Committee took place on Friday night, to explore ways to get Trump off the ticket. The meeting broke up without reaching an answer.

Experts contacted by the Guardian said that with exactly one month until election day and early voting having let hundreds of thousands of Americans make their choice already, replacing or removing Trump is implausible – but not impossible.

Jim Bopp, a prominent conservative lawyer said, “This is mass suicide any way you cut it.”

Trump has said that he is not stepping down, but he is reportedly meeting with his advisors and staff about what steps to take. And his running mate, Mike Pence, is even leave the campaign. Pence was reportedly horrified by the Trump footage and has removed his entire campaigning schedule from he official Donald Trump 2016 website.

So what would happen if Trump did drop out?

The RNC would have the right to fill the vacancy with whomever they may choose, according to The Guardian.

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