Trump’s Campaign Chief Kellyanne Conway Abandons Him, Trump Heartbroken

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Trump is facing the biggest crisis in campaign history, as data scientist Nate Silver points out. Trump was losing by 4 points in national polls, but after an audio from 2005 was leaked by The Washington Post those numbers are likely going to change a lot, especially after the talk shows Sunday where Republicans who haven’t already ditched Trump will likely distance themselves further in prime time before the debate.

Earlier today the Republican National Committee announced they were suspending spending to Trump’s victory fund until further notice. Reince Preibus was supposed to appear on CBS’s Face The Faction Sunday morning, but has now cancelled his appearance.

In the middle of it all is Kellyanne Conway, who was loved by many in the media before she came onto Trump’s campaign. Bill Maher, a longtime friend of Conway told her that she was “enabling pure evil” and this scandal has made her join those that no longer want to be associated with Trump.

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