Trump LOSES IT On Moderator – Accuses Him Of RIGGING Debate

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Donald Trump and his supporters were furious during the first presidential debate when it became clear that moderator Lester Holt had rigged the proceedings in favor of Hillary Clinton. During the second debate, however, Donald Trump made it clear to liberal moderators Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz that he isn’t about to let them rigging this debate for Clinton…

In the first half hour, Cooper effectively interrogated Trump about the infamous audio tape that leaked this weekend, going so far as to accuse him of sexual assault. Finally, Trump had had enough, and he boldly asked Cooper why he hasn’t asked Clinton about her email scandal yet.

As we all know, Clinton’s personal email scandal was far worse than anything that was in Trump’s audio clip, but liberal media hosts like Cooper have done everything they can to protect the Democratic presidential nominee from being scrutinized on this issue any further.

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