Martha Raddatz Gets Some AWFUL News After Rigging Debate Against Trump

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Patriots everywhere were furious during the first presidential debate when it became clear that Lester Holt had rigged it for Hillary Clinton to beat Donald Trump. Last night, moderators Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper tried to do the same thing by repeatedly attacking Trump.

Unfortunately for them, however, this plan quickly blew up in their faces.

According to Conservative Review, both moderators opened the debate by pummeling Trump with questions about the audio clip released this weekend in which he supposedly talked about women in a demeaning manner. Cooper went so far as to accuse Trump of sexual assault, while Raddatz interrupted him whenever he tried to defend himself.

Outraged viewers from both sides of the political spectrum took to Twitter to slam Cooper and Raddatz for being so blatantly biased.



Trump eventually lost it and started firing back on Raddatz.

Raddatz responded by debating Trump herself.



Even before this debate began, it was clear Raddatz would be a biased moderator. This is the woman who, back in 2013, described Clinton’s Benghazi testimony as “riveting.”

“It was truly a riveting day on Capitol Hill. We don’t say that very often, with Secretary Clinton as some have never seen her before. She was at times, combative, charming, disarming and clearly ready for a fight,” Raddatz said at the time.

In the past, Raddatz has also described Clinton as “cool” and “riveting.”

Her behavior also comes as no surprise given how she acted while moderating the vice presidential debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan in 2012. Raddatz allowed Biden to interrupt Ryan repeatedly, and she attacked the Republican VP candidate herself at least nine times.

A Media Research Center report from the time showed that Raddatz’s questions blatantly favored one side:

Out of 48 discrete questions and follow-ups, a plurality (19, or 40%) incorporated a pro-Obama/Biden or anti-Romney/Ryan agenda, vs. 25% (12 questions) that skewed in the other direction and 35% (17 questions) that were neutral or purely information-seeking.

Raddatz showed almost no bias in her foreign policy questions, which split down the middle: eight pro-Romney vs. seven pro-Obama (not counting the neutrals). But on domestic issues, especially on the budget and taxes, she practically joined Joe Biden in pounding on Paul Ryan, with a dozen questions that incorporated liberal campaign themes, compared to just four based on a conservative premises, a stark three-to-one liberal tilt.

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