BREAKING: Debate Moderators Caught On Camera RIGGING Debate – Trump Was Right…

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The second presidential debate took place on Sunday night, and millions of Americans immediately noticed that moderators Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper had rigged the proceedings against Donald Trump, just as Lester Holt did in the first debate.

Right Wing News reported that the video above clearly shows that both moderators pummeled Trump with ridiculous questions and interrupted him three times as much as they did Hillary Clinton.

The fact that Raddatz and Cooper should come as no surprise, since they have both been firmly in Clinton’s camp since before she even entered the race. Cooper has been a longtime donor to Clinton, and Raddatz has praised her over the years every chance she got.

This proves once and for all that Trump has been right all along in asserting that this election has been RIGGED against him by the mainstream media. SHARE if you think Raddatz and Cooper were AWFUL moderators!

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