Debate Moderator Anderson Cooper Receives SOUR Justice After Treating Trump Unfairly

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Lester Holt infuriated conservative patriots all over the country when he blatantly rigged the first presidential debate against Donald Trump. On Sunday night, Anderson Cooper tried to do the same thing while moderating the second debate by rigging it for Hillary Clinton.

Unfortunately for Cooper, however, his plan backfired in a big way.

According to Politico, Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway slammed Cooper after the debate for accusing Trump of sexual assault simply based on the 2005 audio clip released last week in which the business mogul made lewd, albeit harmless, comments about women. Conway pointed out that calling that tape an example of sexual assault is demeaning to actual sexual assault victims.

“When Anderson Cooper pressed Mr. Trump on sexual assault, Donald Trump shot back and said no, that’s not what this was. These are words,” Conway told Fox & Friends on Monday. “And I think there’s something there, because this term ‘sexual assault’ has been bandied about, and I will tell you as somebody who’s worked with and certainly has in my life, as I’m sure we all do, victims of sexual assault, it demeans them to equate that with this for political purposes.”

Conway went on to downplay the comments that Trump made as words instead of actual deeds.

“So I will first tell you that my reaction was a combination of what Gov. Pence and Melania Trump and Donald Trump have said about his comments. I too found them to be unacceptable and offensive and nobody is here to defend them, including Donald Trump,” Conway said. “He apologized on Friday in a video post that everybody can see. Those are his words and he again repeated that last night, said that he hated it. He was embarrassed. He apologized for it, and then he also said the difference between words and actions, and talked about that very important distinction.”

Cooper ended up accomplishing nothing on Sunday night, that is except making himself look like a hack of a journalist. SHARE this story if you think Cooper should be BANNED from hosting any more debates!

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