Hillary Clinton Had To Be HELD UP As She Walked Out After Debate

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The second presidential took place on Sunday night, and things didn’t go so well for Hillary Clinton…

Clinton was clearly left shaken by numerous aspects of the debate, not the least of which was seeing three of her husband’s rape accusers sitting in the front row. The stress of the situation clearly took a toll on Clinton, and she reignited rumors about her health problems when she was seen barely making it out of the debate venue afterwards.

According to 100 Percent Fed Up, Clinton had to be propped up by her husband as she walked out to her waiting vehicle. The Democratic presidential nominee was seen looking wobbly and unsteady as she held onto her husband for dear life while they walked.

Clearly, this woman is far too sick and weak to ever be president. If she’s too weak to run an effective presidential campaign, she’s DEFINITELY too weak to be president!

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