BREAKING: Damning Results Coming In – Trump Is About To LOSE

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In the past week, Donald Trump’s campaign has gone into free-fall with the release of the 2005 audio clip in which he made lewd comments about women and the accusations of sexual assault against him. Now, the polls are reflecting this in a big way, and it’s not looking good for him…

According to The Washington Post, things are so bad for Trump that states that haven’t voted for a Democrat in generations are shifting towards backing Hillary Clinton. In the last 72 hours, polls from the traditionally Republican states of Alaska, Texas and Utah have shown that Trump is only ahead of Clinton by a small margin. On top of that, Republican-friendly states like Arizona and Georgia may have already gone in favor of Clinton at this point.

This is remarkable when looking at how these states have voted historically. A Democrat has not won in Alaska or Utah since 1964, when Lyndon Johnson carried it over Barry Goldwater. Texas hasn’t gone Democrat since the 1976 election, when Jimmy Carter barely won the state.

This means that Trump isn’t just in danger of losing, he’s in danger of losing in one of the biggest landslides in history.

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