BREAKING: The Results Are In – Hillary CELEBRATING

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With the presidential election just a few weeks away, the results are already coming in, and they aren’t good for Donald Trump…

In order to beat Hillary Clinton, Trump needs to win the battleground states of┬áNorth Carolina and Ohio, as well as Florida and Pennsylvania. That’s why it came as devastating news to him this week when it was revealed that Clinton has the lead in all but one of these┬ástates…

According to Real Time Politics, Clinton has 45% support in North Carolina while Trump has just 41% support in that state, while Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson has 9% support. In a two way race, Clinton’s lead expands to 48% compared to Trump’s 43%.


Of these four battleground states, the only one in which Clinton does not have a significant lead is Ohio. There, Trump has the lead by one point, but this is well within the margin of error.

We can only hope that Trump is able to turn things around in these swing states within the next month. SHARE this story if you support him!

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