Hillary LOSES IT After Finding Bible In Limo

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Gary Byrne is a former Secret Service agent who served in the Clinton White House in the 1990s, so he knows better than anyone just how crazy and evil they really are.

During an interview with USA Radio’s “Trending Today USA,” Byrne recalled Hillary Clinton once assaulted a fellow agent with a Bible.

“Can you confirm reports that Hillary was rude? Yes or no?” host Rust Humphries asked Byrne.

“Absolutely,” Byrne replied without hesitating, according to Conservative Tribune.

“Can you give me a quick example of Hillary Clinton being rude?” Humphries pressed.

Byrne then recalled the time when Hillary became angry when he had objected to her plan to have a group of 40 of her friends from Arkansas occupy the Oval Office unsupervised.

“She was gonna leave, and leave them in the Oval Office!” he said.

Byrne explained that agents are not allowed to leave people in the Oval Office unsupervised “because of national security issues. And these are rules that are based on national security law.”

As usual, Hillary thought she was above the law, and she responded by calling Byrne and his entire division “a**holes.”

He then remembered when Hillary assaulted one of his fellow agents with a Bible.

“She got so angry, she hit a Secret Service (member) on the back of the head with a Bible sitting in a limousine,” Byrne said, insisting that the agent had done nothing wrong.

“She had a tantrum over — who knows what,” he said, adding that she stomped her feet and hit the driver. Byrne tried to report the incident, but he was told “this is the way it is … if you want a transfer, we’ll transfer you.”

Here’s Byrne’s full interview:

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