Megyn Kelly Turns On Trump – DEFENDS His Sexual Assault Accusers

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Fox News host Megyn Kelly has seen her ratings plummet in the last few months as she’s alienated her viewers by attacking Donald Trump in a pathetic attempt to appeal to more “mainstream” audiences. This week, she launched yet another attack on Trump when she defended the women accusing him of sexual assault, even though there is absolutely no proof to back up their stories.

Real Clear Politics reported that Kelly had Trump supporter David Wohl and #NeverTrump’s Ben Shapiro on her show on Thursday night. Here’s what she had to say during the segment:

MEGYN KELLY: [Donald Trump]’s obviously feeling angry and feeling conspired against and one gets the impression he can feel it slipping away right now. But that’s query whether this kind of a speech is going to help him win voters

Can I just ask you was there a witness to Juanita Broaddrick… the Trump supporters are willing to believe her. You can’t have it both ways.

What Kelly is ignoring is the fact that Broaddrick has been talking about the rape she suffered at the hands of Bill Clinton for decades, never changing her story once. Meanwhile, the Trump accusers literally came out of nowhere, as there is no record of him ever being accused of sexual assault before this week.

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