Trump Just Received DEVASTATING News In New Poll, Hillary Is CELEBRATING [DETAILS HERE]

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The Liberal media is trying to spin everything against Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Top Republicans have betrayed Donald Trump, his falling polling numbers with women reveal a sinister plot against him by the media and the Clinton campaign. The media wants to think that the election has been called against Trump, after several weeks of relentless attacks the polls are far from promising.

In particular Charlie Cook, who publishes the popular “Cook Political Report“, took to Twitter to announced that Trump’s goose has been cooked and that he has no chance to win based on the most recently available polling data. Cook Tweeted:

Cook was questioned about his Tweet and said the following:

Poll was devastating for Trump, from start to finish. Trial heats, favorable/unfavorable, candidate attributes, trust on handling issues, role model for children — all horrific for Trump.

What is most devastating for Trump is Cook paraded out a Fox News poll, of all outlets, to showcase just how far Trump’s star had fallen. Trump is now losing to Hillary Clinton by a full 7 points, which is well inside the 4 point margin of error. Trump is sitting on 38 percent support while Clinton is sitting on a rousing 45. What remains to be seen is how the final debate between the two candidates will impact the current polling data, and if Clinton will continue to pull away or if Trump is able to convince regular Americans, then anything can happen.

We can only hope.

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