Hillary STUNNED By Latest Results – Trump Is CELEBRATING

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The mainstream media is trying to make it look like Donald Trump has no chance of winning this election. However, what Google just revealed has confirmed that he still has a very real chance of making it to the White House.

Conservative Tribune reported that Google just released statistics saying that the question, “How to vote for Trump” has about twice as many searches as “How to vote for Hillary.” This suggests that more voters are interested in learning how to vote for Trump than in learning how to vote for Clinton.


Clinton’s campaign will probably try to spin this by saying that Trump supporters are uneducated “deplorables” who don’t know how to vote. However, it’s more likely that Trump supporters are just more proactive about know what to do on Election Day than Clinton voters are.

This supports theories that Clinton is not generating nearly as much excitement among her supporters as Trump is. While many liberals say they will vote for Clinton, a lot of them aren’t passionate enough about her to actually get up and vote on Election Day. Meanwhile, millions of Trump supporters can’t wait to go and place their vote for him in November.

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