Disturbing New Polls PROVE Election Is Rigged – Trump Was Right…

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The Wall Street Journal-NBC News poll released on Sunday morning tried to bury Donald Trump’s presidential campaign on Sunday by saying that he is behind Hillary Clinton by a whopping 11 points. However, a further inspection of this polls reveals that it was blatantly rigged against Trump, proving that he has been right about the mainstream media being against him all along.

The Gateway Pundit reported that the poll has Clinton at 48% support compared to Trump’s 37%.

“Hillary Clinton is consolidating a substantial lead over Donald Trump less than a month before Election Day, picking up support from women and swing voters as the Republican navigates growing allegations of unwanted sexual contact, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll finds,” the article about the poll stated, according to Conservative Tribune.

“Heading into the final presidential debate in Las Vegas on Wednesday, Clinton led Trump by 11 percentage points among likely voters, 48% to 37%, a big jump from the six-point edge she held in mid-September,” it continued, adding that Trump is losing on key issues he used to get voters on, specifically trade, the economy and honesty.

However, a closer look at the poll reveals that those interviewed voted in 2012 for incumbent Barack Obama 46% to 32% over Mitt Romney. This means that the poll oversampled people who historically vote Democrat by eight percentage points, almost totally wiping out Hillary Clinton’s lead. Obama only beat Romney by almost four points in 2012 (3.9%), meaning the WSJ/NBC poll was padded with 10% extra Obama voters.


THIS is why Republicans have learned to NOT trust polls. Once again, Trump was right in that the mainstream media HAS indeed rigged this election against him.

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