BREAKING: Trump Gets Some AMAZING News Right Before Third Debate

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The mainstream media is trying to make it look as if Donald Trump is already out of this election and that he has no hope of beating Hillary Clinton. That’s why it came as a massive shock to many when it was revealed that Trump set a massive record in September that no other Republican has ever been able to do.

Conservative Tribune reported that the Trump campaign announced on Saturday that it has received a total of $360 million from a record-breaking 2.6 million individual donors in the month of September, up 24% from August. These individual supporters make up the largest donor group of any Republican candidate in history.

The Trump campaign ended last month with $75 million in cash, and Trump himself has contributed $2 million a month to his presidential efforts.

“These numbers show that Donald Trump continues to have incredible broad based support from across America. We want to thank our many volunteers and contributors that are clearly committed to electing Donald J. Trump as President in November,” Steven Mnuchin, Donald J. Trump for President finance chairman, said in the statement.

This came just a week after Trump challenged Hillary Clinton during the second presidential debate to donate some of her own money to her campaign. She ignored this challenge because she is already being funded by big donors, some of whom have ties to terrorist groups.

Despite her wealthy donors, however, Clinton still only collected half of what Trump did in September.

This achievement is even more impressive given the fact that Trump managed to raise this money without the support of the Republican elite. If he did have the support of the GOP establishment, imagine how much more he could have raised.

In the end, this proves that Trump isn’t even close to being out of this race yet. SHARE this story if you’re voting TRUMP!

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