Hillary Gets a RUDE Awakening the Second She Steps Out of Car – Watch Closely…

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When Hillary Clinton first entered the presidential race over a year ago, she kicked off her campaign with a road trip to Iowa. Now, however, newly surfaced reports have revealed just how humiliating this road trip really was for Clinton…

According to Daily Mail, Clinton was extremely embarrassed when nobody recognized her during a stop at a Chipotle restaurant in Maumee, Ohio. Press Secretary Nick Merrill noted in the report that “no one noticed who she was.”


“Just stopped for lunch in Maumee, OH, at the Chipotle in a strip mall next to a Meijer supermarket, an LA Fitness, and a train depot,” Merill wrote in April of 2015. “HRC went through the line and ordered a burrito bowl with chicken and black beans, gauc, and an iced tea. No one noticed that she was there, which made for an awkward encounter between me and the manager as I was taking aerial shots of HRC ordering. I think he thought I was from the health department.”

During a stop at a truck stop in Pennsylvania, Clinton was forced to do a lap of the gas station before she could find anyone that wanted to meet her.

“Just stopped for gas at the Pilot Travel Center truck stop off I-80 near Porter, PA. She did a lap around the place and looked at all the big rigs before people started to catch on back in the front lot near the pumps,” Merrill wrote. “She shook some hands with a few families and posed for photos in front of a large yellow and red ‘Travel Center.’ Huma may be able to add more about who they were. Back on the highway now about 2 hours and 15 minutes from Pittsburgh.”

This once again shows just how unpopular Clinton is in the eyes of the American people. While nobody seems to want to meet her, thousands of people still flock to meet Trump wherever he goes.

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