Megyn Kelly Gets Some AWFUL News After She Launches Attack On Trump

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Over the last few months, Fox News host Megyn Kelly has alienated viewers by launching continuous attacks on Donald Trump in an attempt to appeal to “mainstream audiences.” Unfortunately for Kelly, however, this move has just come back to bite her in a big way.

Truthfeed reported that Kelly’s show The Kelly File has plummeted to a dismal fifth place in the ratings among Fox News shows. This comes as Sean Hannity, a proud Trump supporter, has surged to first place in the ratings.

Though she is the darling of Rupert Murdoch, Kelly is now ranked below these Fox shows:

  1. Hannity (2.471)
  2. O’Reilly (2.231)
  3. Bret Baier (2.168)
  4. TheFive (2.155)

Kelly comes in at fifth with just 2.104.

In terms of ratings and total viewers, Fox News is still leaps and bounds ahead of their competition, meaning that they may cut Kelly soon in order to maintain their lead.


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