Smug CNN Host Runs Her Mouth at Trump… Gets SHUT DOWN on Her Own Show!

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CNN has earned itself the nickname of Clinton News Network as they have repeatedly acted as an extension of Hillary Clinton’s campaign by defending her while attacking Donald Trump. However, when cocky CNN host Brooke Baldwin recently tried to launch yet another attack on Trump, it backfired on her in a big way.

Mad World News reported that Trump recently announced that he’d like to see term limits instituted for all members of Congress instituted if he wins this election.

“There is another major announcement I am going to make today as part of our pledge to drain the swamp in Washington,” Trump said. “If I am elected President, I will push for a Constitutional Amendment to impose term limits on all members of Congress.”

While most Americans agree with this stance, Baldwin tried to tear it down and make Trump look dumb for even suggesting it. Unfortunately for her, however, all she accomplished was making herself look ignorant.

“There are already term limits, so what does he mean?” Baldwin said, leaving even her fellow liberal anchors speechless at her own stupidity.

Nice try, Brooke!

This proves once again that CNN is NOT a real news network, and is instead just a propaganda machine for the Clintons. SHARE this story so we can spread this DAMNING video!

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