BREAKING: Pennsylvania Voting Gap Drops MASSIVELY – Trump PANICKING

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Over the last few days, Hillary Clinton and Jill Stein have teamed up to demand a recount in a number of states, including Pennsylvania. Supporters of Donald Trump were not worried about this movement at all, considering the voting gap between Trump and Clinton had been sitting around 70,000 votes for weeks.

Now, however, Trump’s team has gone into panic mode as new reports claim his lead in the state has dropped to just 46,435 votes.

The Daily Kos reported that the latest Cook Report spreadsheet had the current standings at:

WI: Hillary down 22,177
MI: Hillary down 10,704
PA: Hillary down 46,435
Total: 79,316

80,000 people.

In order to flip the election, Clinton needs votes from 40,000 people in the states where she is demanding a recount. If she gets these votes, she could win the Electoral College vote and end up being inaugurated in January instead of Trump.

This seemed like a long shot, but now it appears Clinton has a much bigger chance than we thought…

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