BOOM! Ann Coulter Doubles-Down On Immigration After Terror Attacks — Liberal Twitter GOES INSANE!! [TWEETS]

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Ann Coulter is a conservative pundit who never shies away from the limelight or controversy. Now her comments via social media are being torn apart after they were made around the time the Berlin, Germany terrorist attack happened. Liberals are going nuts.

She made a point to note that President Elect Donald Trump is the only one to call for a ban on Muslims, a deportation of criminal illegal aliens and Mexicans. She further tweeted out an article that insinuated the terrorist attack that killed twelve and injured fifty was due to the flawed immigration system of the European Union.

Look below at the tweets that got her into hot water and her responses to the people who commented back to her,

Immediately after the attack President Elect Donald Trump released a statement condemning the terrorist attack and calling for the extermination of the Islamic State. While the current President was golfing in Hawaii with his family and didn’t release a statement that was far more innocuous and ambiguous until later in the day.

This attack is just one of many over the last year and a half along with the attacks on Orlando, Nice, Paris, Munich and now Berlin.

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