JUST IN: Los Angeles Plans $10M ‘Legal Fund’ for Illegal Immigrants – IT’S HAPPENING!!

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In retaliation for the election of President Elect Donald Trump the city of Los Angeles, California is working to defy federal immigration law. As Trump intends to tighten the immigration policies we currently have in place. Los Angeles is setting up a legal fund that would help to aid and shield illegal aliens from law enforcement and deportation.

Officials within the local government have announced that their will be $10 million sent into this fund in order to help pay the legal expenses of those facing possible deportation due to the incoming President. It is called the LA Justice Fund.

The City of Los Angeles has joined Los Angeles County in this dual effort. $3 million will be provided by the counties Board of Supervisors. The city is expected to allocate at least $1 million themselves. The Los Angeles Time reports the rest of the remaining funds will be gathered via philanthropic groups taking up the cause.

Los Angeles is just yet another city that has a taxpayer funded effort to help support illegal aliens during their criminal justice issues. Chicago set up a similar fund to help illegal aliens reports the Chicago Herald.

It appears that under Donald Trump’s new immigration plan that violent illegal aliens will be immediately deported over the border of Mexico. As well, a wall will be created along the border along with the creation of a large infrastructure program. This is a far more conservative and harsher stance than that of the progressive administration in place currently under President Obama.

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