JUST IN: Obama’s Iranian Born Top Adviser Valerie Jarrett SLAMS Trump, Says “Elections Have Consequences”

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Valerie Jarrett is a senior advisor to President Barack Obama and his administration. She had some tough words for the Democratic Party and those members who are deathly afraid of the incoming administration of President Elect Donald Trump. During a podcast with columnist Jonathan Capehart of the Washington Post she said,

Well look, the campaign’s over, and elections have consequences.”

She said this in reference to the interviewer asking her to respond to people who are now frightened for their life now that Donald Trump will be taking office. Jarrett, much like her boss and the First Lady, maintained that it was the Obama administrations job to help provide a smooth transition for the Trump team on their way into the White House.

She went on to cite the way the Bush family helped the Obama’s transition and that they were trying to model their behavior. She said,

That’s our job now. It’s not to be a Monday morning quarterback on individual selections that the president-elect might make or anticipate what he might do in the future. I think we got to give him room to see what he does.”

I remember thinking, ‘Well they probably won’t want to talk with us because we ran a really tough campaign and obviously campaigned against a lot of his policies. And they welcomed us with open arms, and were extremely constructive and helpful.”

When asked what type of shows in television she would like to binge watch in her free time she esaid the following,

I am going to not be able to binge watch, because I am going to be on a beach somewhere that has no access to television or the internet or anything else. I’m going to be a long long way away by the end of that day.”

Even Jarrett knows the the right thing to do is to bow down and leave office gracefully. If they are worth their weight in anything they will follow through on that precedent and gift that was given to them by the Bushes.

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