WATCH: CNN’s Van Jones Says “Everyone Should Have A Muslim Neighbor”, Is He CRAZY? [WATCH HERE]

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Van Jones is a well known liberal contributor to CNN. He made waves when he said the following on a recent news segment,

If a muslim family moved in next door to you, you would be the happiest family in the world. The Muslim community has the lowest crime rate, the highest entrepreneurship, the highest educational attainment for women in the country, they are the model American community…”

Jones insisted and tried to convince other members of the CNN panel that Muslims are refused citizenship from other countries because they are not properly vetted. If so he maintained their would be serious economic issues. Over sixty three percent of current Muslims living in America are immigrants. They also vote for the party that offers more entitlement programs, meaning the Democratic Party.

However, Jones is incorrect. Muslims are seventh percent likely to vote democrat and eleven percent likely to vote republican. They overwhelminginflt are in favor of more government services, making that sixty eight percent of Muslims who believe in that. While only twenty one percent believe in smaller government.

Over majority Muslim states surveyed sixty eight percent said they believe westerners are selfish. Sixty six percent label Americans violent, sixty four percent label them greedy, and sixty one percent label them immoral. While only thirty three percent called westerners honest and thirty one percent labeled them tolerant. This is all according to Pew Research.

Watch the neighbors of the San Bernandino shooter talk about how much they “love” their old neighbors,

Jones statements are ignorant and uniformed and the polls and statistics prove that for a fact. Their is no way to spin it. He is talking out of his behind with nothing to actually substantiate his claims.

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