BREAKING: Germany KNEW Suspect In Berlin Christmas Was A TERRORIST, And Guess What They Did?

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Berlin is still realing from the terrorist attack it suffered this last week. Twelve are dead and fifty are injured after a terrorist drove a truck and crushed civilians in a Christmas market. The prime suspect is a twenty four year old Tunisian migrant who was the suspect in a prior terror probe by the german government. Despite his asylum bid being rejected he was not deported. This was all confirmed by German government officials on Wednesday.

He went by many aliases and has been identified as Anis Amri. He became the subject of a national manhunt when police investigators found his wallet in the truck that attacked the market. They used it to track him down. Allegedly, he had contact with a notorious ISIS recruiter in Germany.

For information that would lead to his capture they have placed a 100,000 euro reward. Which translates to $105,000. People are warned not to approach him. He is 5 foot 8 and 165 pounds. They say he is violent and armed.

This makes Chancellor Angela Merkel’s humanitarian bid to open up their doors more to help one million asylum seekers even more difficult now that Germans will be more wary to do so after the attack. It also points a light at their flawed immigration system that allows the suspect to stay in Germany.

Dozens and dozens of terror suspects have made there way to Germany as they posed as migrants. Amri found his way to Germany via a route from Turkey to Greece which has now been shut down and cut off for the most part. Marie came from Italy to Germany where he came in 2012. He had links to Islamist extremists and was allegedly preparing a serious act of violent subversion.

As Rainer Wendt, the Chairman of the German Police Union said, Germans want to know why an asylum seeker with terror ties, no passport, and a potential deportation under his belt was able to stay in Germany. It cost twelve people their lives to profer that question.

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