BREAKING: President-Elect Trump Confirms, The Muslim Ban IS HAPPENING! [WATCH HERE]

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During a quick press stop on Wednesday afternoon, President-elect Donald Trump reaffirmed his commitment to a full shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.

A reporter asked Trump about his Muslim ban in regards to the attack on a Christmas market in Berlin that left 12 dead. The suspected perpetrator is Anis Amri, a Tunisian who German authorities say was known to be in touch with radical Islamist groups.

“Has the attack caused you to rethink or reevaluate your plans to create a Muslim registry or ban Muslim immigration in the United States?” the reporter asked.

“Hey, you’ve known my plans all along and it’s, they’ve proven to be right. 100 percent correct. What’s happening is disgraceful,” he replied.

Standing behind Trump was retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, his choice for national security adviser, who earlier this year tweeted on separate occasions that “Fear of Muslims is RATIONAL” and dared “Arab & Persian world ‘leaders’ to step up to the plate and declare their Islamic ideology sick and must B healed.”


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