BREAKING: Top Trending Story About Muslim Getting Thrown Off Delta Flight Was Just DEBUNKED [DETAILS]

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Social media went abuzz when a man posted a video online that went viral where he showed himself getting kicked off an airplane where it allegedly happendĀ because he was speaking Arabic. The man was Adam Saleh and he is a hoax YouTube star known for his Muslim pranks. But this time he isn’t pretending like it is real after he says he was removed from the flight.

His YouTube channel shows him doing different experimental hoaxes. Such as dropping off a bag in front of a crowded group with Arab clothing on to see people’s reactions. All playing off the Arab stereotype. This time seeing people’s reactions to getting kicked off a flight for speaking Arabic.

According to his Twitter account he was removed from the Delta flight for speaking Arabic to his mother. He reported that the guests were racist because they waved to him as he was escorted out. It is unknown what he actually said on the phone as that part was not recorded.

Throughout the event Saleh sent update tweet where he claimed he was going to a lawyer once he was in New York City because of this event. But even an ambulance chaser couldn’t help him get out of this one. One man was on Twitter and he posted Delta’s professional and fina statement on the incident where they confirmed that what went down is nothin like what Saleh described,

Allegedly, when he was speaking Arabic to his mother an American woman in front of him turned around and told him he probably shouldn’t speak Arabic on the plane. When he said he could speak whatever language he wanted to the woman’s husband went crazy and started screaming and yelling. But it appears that is account is not even true either.

He should be banned for life from Delta for causing such a disturbance.

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