BREAKING: Melania Trump Is Mad As H*LL, And She’s Not Going To Take It Anymore, She Is FIGHTING BACK! [DETAILS]

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In September, First Lady-elect Melania Trump filed a lawsuit against The Daily Mail and Maryland-based blogger, Webster Tarpley.

The libel suit was filed after a story was published that alleged she was an escort during her modeling days. Her lawyer, Charles J. Harder, estimated the damages at $150 million.

Melania Trump and her lawyer recently appeared in the Montgomery County Circuit Court in Rockville, Maryland, for a scheduling conference surrounding the suit.

Kellyanne Conway discussed the issue on MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show, and CLEARLY explained why Melania was forced to take this severe action.

When Maddow asked Kellyanne Conway if Melania plans to continue with the lawsuit as First Lady, she responded, “I don’t know the course of the lawsuit, meaning where it is in the process right now, but she has the right to to defend herself.”


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