BREAKING: Vladimir Putin TRASHES Democrat’s During Press Conference – Including Hillary Clinton! [DETAILS]

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It looks like Vladimir Putin is not letting the accusations of Russian hacking get to him. The allegations entail the idea that he attempted to hack the electoral college system to attempt and allow Donald Trump to win the election. Putin had an end of the year press conference then went on for four hours.

He insisted that Democrat’s are trying to blame all there problems on external factors instead of on themselves where they should place the blame. He also said they simply need to accept there failure.

Putin said,

The Democratic Party lost not only the presidential elections, but elections in the Senate and Congress. Is that also my work?”

The Russian leader also quoted a recent poll where he claimed that thirty three percent of republicans view him more favorably. He said this would be a great basis for improving Russian and American relations. Especially considering relations deteriorated under President Obama who said he would retaliate against Putin’s country both in public and behind closed doors for their interference in our election.

Trump has certainly indicated he would be willing to foster better relations for the betterment of the country. Moreover, that it would be mutually beneficial for all in involved.


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