SURPRISE! The Electoral College “Rebels” Who Wanted To Stop Trump Were Backed By ________________!

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When the recount for the presidential election took place several electors defected and chose not to vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Turns out, the Clinton campaign was in phone and email contact with some of the faithless electors who defected to Clinton. Specifically, the advisors kept tabs on Colorado elector Micheal Baca. He attempted to persuade  other Republicans to vote against Trump.

Baca is now facing prosecution for choosing to cast his vote instead for Ohio Republican Governor John Kasich who formerly ran for president against Donald Trump himself. Under law he was mandated to vote for Clinton.  People from Hamilton Electors tried engineering a victory for Kasich as an alternative to Trump.

Clinron did ultimately beat Trump by 3 million votes in the popular vote but maintained her electoral loss. In emails between Baca and Jake Sullivan of the Clinton campaign Sullivan stated.

Not at all! We all share a sense of urgency. Look forward to being in touch.'”

Attempts to dethrone Trump came after reports from the CIA and FBI indicated that Russian technology agents had hacked the electoral college. John Podesta of the Clinton campaign was victim of having emails released by Wikileaks said the following about the Russian hacking,

Electors have a solemn responsibility under the Constitution and we support their efforts to have their questions addressed.”

Baca and Jennifer Palmieri, who is Clinton’s communications director, exchanged text messages about wanting to be informed of the effort of electors to defect. Politico refused to say how they gained access to the emails, phone calls, and text messages.

One democrstic voter fote for American Indian activist Faith Spotted Eagle. Hours later another person voted for Senator Bernie Sanders. Two Texas faithless voters voted for Kasich and the other Ron Paul. Three Washington electors voted for Colin Powell.

They no doubt will pay for their actions in the upcoming administration.



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