Breaking: Leftists Are Joining Forces To DESTROY Trump’s Kids – We MUST Take Action! [DETAILS

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The baseless hits against the Trump children keep on coming. ELLE Magazine posted a hit piece on Ivanka Trump in a published article called, “Ivanka Trump Will Not Fix Women’s Issues She Will Distract From Them.” The article depicts the successful Trump as a freeloader, one who has not actually earned her stripes in the business world. Moreover, they depict her as a privileged white princess who did not earn the success she had in life.

The article even berates her for not including men in her grand plant to attempt to help working women afford day care while they have jobs and are employed. Here is a picture of the article released on Twitter,

Here are a few excerpts from the article that trashes the successful businesswoman.

For those of us who overdosed on Disney princess memorabilia growing up, good news: Thanks to Donald Trump and his legion of terrifying yet well-coiffed children, Americans are now closer to living in a monarchy than we have been since 1776. And Ivanka Trump—blond, pretty, well-mannered, given massive amounts of power over the citizenry thanks to nothing but her genetic makeup—is the closest thing we’ll get to a princess. Which is how we’ll all get to find out: Princesses are terrifying.

First of all: Many, many people could “do better” than Ivanka Trump on “the women’s issues.” Then again, nearly every job Ivanka has been considered for is wildly inappropriate; as author/journalist Kurt Eichenwald noted, even that “blind trust” spot would likely require her to receive high-level intelligence briefings. (The problem here is that even knowing which deals create conflicts of interest would require her to have more information on U.S. foreign policy than any private citizen should.) No matter what her title is, Ivanka’s essential role remains the same: to integrate a very specific vision of exceptionalist white womanhood into the Trump brand and presidency. By presenting a very specific type of exceptional success, she is the Trump presidency’s built-in excuse for failing the rest of us.”

Ivanka is not the only Trump child to be targeted. So has Eric. And Eric has taken an even greater role in speaking to the press during his father’s presidential campaign. Eric Trump was forced to shut down the charity he had for children with cancer. There were concerns about donors attempting to gain access to Trump as President. Somewhat similar to the Clinton Foundation. Eric even announced he will no longer be fundraising for them.

Eric Trump told the New York Times the following,


As unfortunate as it is, I understand the quagmire. You do a good thing that backfires.”

He was also placed in hot water this week when he tried to hold a fundraiser and auction for coffee via his Eric Trump Foundation alongside his sister Ivanka. Given the rumors of her potential role as an advisor in the White House people were arguably upset for the possible conflict of interest.

It seems Trumps kids are paying for his crimes and words more so than he is. They didn’t even do anything wrong.

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