EXCLUSIVE: Troubled Waters? Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin Pictured Together, And Something STRANGE Is Going On!

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There were many rumors floating around that among many other factors and people Hillary Clinton and her inner circle were blaming Huma Abedin for their presidential Election Day loss. But it appears that is not the case. As they were spotted out in public together.

They were pictured together on Thursday of this week. They seemed to be chit chatting as Abedin smiled and they walked out of Clinton’s office in the Midtown neighborhood of New York City. Prior to their exit they spent several hours inside the office. An unidentified woman walked Clinton to her car and gave her a box of documents.

People thought there relationship would be irreparably damaged after the FBI issued a search warrant for the emails of Anthony Weiner, Abedin’s husband who was formerly engaged in sexting scandals.

There are continued rumblings from people within Clinton’s camp who are upset at Abedin’s remaining presence at Clinton’s side. Former campaign staffers told reporters for Vanity Fair they did not give a flying leap what happened to Abedin. Other insider sources alleged she was getting too comfortable with the limelight and liked the celebrity too much. While not focusing on what was really important.

Abedin appeared all the time by Clinton’s side. She took selfies, pictures, released statements and more throughout the entire campaign. She was largely considered to be Clinton’s right hand woman. An extension of herself. Thursday is the first time they were photographed together post election.

One would think that Clinton would self reflect and take out the garbage so she could make a difference with the limited time she has remaining. You can’t create change doing the same thing over and over again that you did in the past. The definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Clearly Clinton has not learned her lesson.

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