JUST IN: The DISGUSTING Gay Leftist Who Attacked Ivanka Trump Suddenly Goes Into HIDING, Has Nothing To Say [DETAILS]

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Brooklyn, New York attorney Dan Goldstein was thrown off the infamous JetBlue airplane when he harassed Ivanka Trump and her family in the coach section of the flight. Her children were sitting with her when the attack took place and Goldstein was holding his own child. Goldstein and his husband were rerouted via a different airplane.

They eventually made it to the San Francisco airport where the celebrity gossip website TMZ tracked them down. But now he was short on words and couldn’t give a proper response. Watch the interaction here,

Goldstein allegedly screamed at Ivanka that her father was ruining this country while her children played with their crayons and sat in there seats. People were boarding the plane and getting settled in. Before being escorted off the plane he complained he was being discriminated against for expressing his opinions.

This is exactly the type of behavior conservatives cannot stand. Liberals stand on their high and moral horse looking down on others who do not subscribe to their own ideologies. They label people who disagree with them bigots, homophobes, and xenophobes, etc. Yet they do not see the hypocritical nature of their own behavior. Of course, the mainstream liberal media is not calling them out for their deplorable behavior. So typical.

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