JUST IN: Liberals Are Preventing Kellyanne Conway From Finding Private Schools For Her Kids In D.C., UNREAL!

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Kellyanne Conway is an inspiration…the first woman to ever successfully run a presidential campaign. This is a woman young girls should seek to emulate. She understood the dynamics behind the recent presidential campaign and greatly helped President-Elect Trump get the victory.

She is known for being the one to consistently say that rally size does matter, even during the dark days of the campaign. A former pollster herself, she knew how the average American felt about their economic prospects. There is no doubt that she relayed this information to Mr. Trump, causing him to campaign heavily and thus win the south and rust belt.

Unfortunately, this fantastic woman is having some issues finding a private school for her kids in Washington D.C.

According to The Daily Caller:

Donald Trump’s former campaign manager — who is a mother of four — “is worried that establishment elites are so prejudiced against President-elect Trump that she won’t be able to get her kids into private school.”

Conway is reportedly asking everyone with connections to DC schools for help.

“I would not characterize myself as ‘worried’ so much as amused by the silence and sighs on the other end of the phone when friends and allies have made preliminary inquiries on our behalf,” Conway told Page Six Wednesday. “For some, there is a comfort in sameness.”

Despite those who were unwilling, Conway has still received lots of support from many people. She recently turned down the job of Press Secretary and opted to be an advisor to Mr. Trump so she could focus on raising her kids. If this is not an example of what a mother should prioritize than what is? Hopefully, she will end up finding the best school in the country to enroll her kids in, all while helping the 45th President achieve his goals.

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