ALERT: Fox News Host EXPLODES In Anger After Dem Congressman Hangs Painting In U.S. Capitol That Depicts Police As PIGS [WATCH HERE]

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Rep. William Lacy Clay is coming under fire after it was discovered he placed a painting in the US Capitol complex depicting police as pigs pointing guns at African-Americans.

The St. Louis County Police Association called it a “punch in the mouth” after Rep. Clay said he refused to take the painting down. The painting was selected as the winner of a “student art competition” which isn’t entirely surprising, since the young Liberal youth have demonstrated they have very little respect for law enforcement.

Rep. Clay’s excuse follows:

“Members of Congress support student art competitions in our districts but we do not select the young artists and we do not judge the artwork.

“I had no role in selecting the winner of this student art competition and I would never attempt to approve or disapprove artistic expression.

“The U.S. Capitol is a symbol of freedom, not censorship. The young artist chose his own subject and the painting will not be removed.”

Eric Bolling of Fox News’s The Five was notably irritated with Rep. Clay and his questionable taste in art.

“Take it down […] I’m saying this to 3 million people watching right now. Call your congressman or call his office and say, get that picture down.”

Take a look:

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